Due Diligence

Studies for Pre‐Tender Geotechnical and Environmental Assessment of Sites



Unexpected ground conditions can lead to serious delays and cost increases that were not budgeted for by land purchasers. Particular traps for the unwary are:

  • Land not suitable for “Class A” site classification by AS 2870 (e.g. reactive clays, loose sand, etc)
  • Acid sulfate soils (ASS)
  • Contamination or suspected contamination
  • Poor drainage, high groundwater table and low‐lying areas
  • Significant dewatering requirements (including dewatering in ASS areas)
  • Marginal quality earthworks materials
  • Peat or other organic soils
  • Shallow limestone or limestone pinnacles
  • Old landfill
  • Old clay pits
  • The list goes on….


Due-Diligence-2The days of the basic greenfields sand site are fast vanishing in the metropolitan area. Development is now moving to marginal land that was previously ignored for development because of its location or ground conditions, or indeed previously developed brownfields sites.

Development costs in these areas can be significantly higher than in the more easily developed areas. It is important for you to understand the likely requirements of developments on the site and costs in advance of purchasing land or committing to developments.

Forewarned is forearmed and the information you gain at due diligence stage enables you to account for potential geotechnical and environmental issues prior to purchasing the land.


Due-Diligence-3A due‐diligence level geotechnical and environmental study is an inexpensive way of gaining information the conditions on a site you are considering purchasing or developing. Typically, we will undertake a desktop study combined with a site walkover and minimal ground breaking investigation for the assessment of on‐site conditions.

We can identify important issues for your consideration that will need to be taken into account for development at the site. This will help you understand the likely costs (and potential surprises) involved in development.

The work done at the due‐diligence study level supplements the work undertaken at the detailed investigation stage and is therefore not wasted or “extra” cost.


Due-Diligence-4Of course you are! We understand. At Galt, we are prepared for the Friday afternoon surprise phone call. We can turn around your due diligence investigation faster than the other consultants around town. Typically, we can provide you with verbal advice on the same day as undertaking a site visit.

We are also pleased to provide old‐fashioned service. If you are considering buying a site, talk to us first. We can take a look at published information and give you some preliminary advice very quickly.


Capability Statement 01 -Due Diligence

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