Earthworks Verification

Geotechnical and Environmental Oversight and Sign‐off For Quality Assurance or Statutory Approval.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Earthworks-Verification-1Many projects require one form or another of verification by an independent authority to confirm that they have been appropriately constructed and complied with permitting requirements.

Frequently, this extends to:

  • sign‐off by a qualified geotechnical engineer that earthworks have been constructed to specification; or
  • sign-off by a qualified environmental scientist that soil and dewatering treatments have been done in accordance with methodology agreed by the Department of Environment and Conservation and Department of Water.

With our ongoing presence on site under the guidelines set out in Australian Standards and government guidelines, we will have an understanding of the materials and methods used during the earthworks and we will be able to monitor and correct issues as they arise.
Where required, we can develop an earthworks specification that will meet your needs and comply with Australian Standards and statutory requirements as well as any acid sulfate soils and dewatering management plans applicable to the project.

We can take any earthworks project through from groundbreaking to completion and monitor all the critical stages with either occasional site visits or full‐ time on site presence (where required). Each project is different and we can help with them all.

Where is it Applicable?

Earthworks-Verification-2We provide earthworks verification on projects including:

  • Mining projects (generally civil aspects, e.g. plant sites, ROM pads, embankments, etc)
  • Oil and gas projects
  • Earthworks for land development, including residential and commercial subdivisions
  • Roads and pavements
  • We routinely inspect and verify:
  • Removal of unsuitable materials and/or treatment of poor ground
  • Structural fill
  • Reinforced earth
  • Acid sulfate soils treatment
  • Dewatering effluent treatment

What Can We Do For You?


First and foremost, we aren’t afraid to be on site when the dirt is being dug up. We can be on site to provide advice and support to the contractor on geotechnical and environmental matters.

Between quality control (QC) testing carried out by the contractor and our quality assurance (QA) testing, we can ensure that the earthworks for the project are appropriately tested and documented.

We can then provide verification (“sign‐off”) for inclusion in completion reports or submission to statutory authorities, which frequently require confirmation by a chartered engineer or environmental scientist that earthworks have been done in an acceptable manner.

Earthworks Verification

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