Tender Optimisation

Geotechnical and environmental advice during tender development for optimisation of tender time and costs.


Tenderers in civil and building works often have to make assumptions about ground conditions.  This may be due to missing data or a lack of understanding about regulatory processes or requirements placed on the site.

We hear it frequently from our developer clients that “all of the uncertainty is in the ground” and “once I’m out of the ground, I know where I’m going”.

This can lead to loading-up of your tenders with contingencies and risk costs that will price you out of the competition.  Or worse – that you don’t allow for problem ground when you should and are left out of pocket!


Galt Geotechnics and our sister company, Galt Environmental, have extensive experience in turning projects into reality.  We are not your average desk jockey engineers who feel more comfortable driving a computer than playing in the dirt.  Construction is our favourite part of the job and we have seen a lot of projects come to fruition.  This, in combination with our comprehensive knowledge of ground conditions across Perth and regional Western Australia, means that we have come across the trips and traps many times before.

We bring this knowledge to bear for you when developing your tender.  We’ll come and sit with you and discuss the project requirements, what you should allow and where more information is required.  Our pragmatic, practical solutions to geotechnical engineering problems will save you money.  Our thorough understanding of acid sulfates, contamination and dewatering issues likewise means that you don’t have to overload your tender with contingencies and inflate your price.

We have several ways of providing these services, including ‘at risk’ in certain cases, where we will help you develop and refine your tender at our collective risk, without holding out our hands.


When you are successful in your tender, we can of course offer our comprehensive range of on-site  construction support services (refer to our other capability statements).


  • Practical, pragmatic advice in plain English.
  • Integrated geotechnical and environmental services, with one point of contact.
  • On-going liaison with the bid team.

Tender Optimisation

Capability Statement 14 -Tender Optimisation

If you need help with tender optimisation, or if you’re not sure what you need, give us a call and we can help.