Construction Support

On‐Site Geotechnical Support for Earthworks, Foundations and Remediation


Construction-Support-1At Galt, we firmly believe that the ground expert’s place is not behind a desk but on the ground not only before construction, but also during it.

During construction is when the rubber meets the road and the engineer’s designs and drawings become reality. It is when the acid sulfate soil management plan is implemented.  To make sure that this happens as smoothly as possible, with a high quality result, we provide the on‐the‐ground support that the Client and Contractor need to get the job done.

Particularly where a project is geotechnically or environmentally challenging or a contractor may be experiencing new conditions or trying new methods, we are there to provide the expert support with a sound theoretical and construction background to work with the Contractor to achieve the right outcome.

As anyone in the construction industry knows, what you think is in the ground before you start the project is not always what you find after the first blade cuts the earth. Galt can help you deal with the unexpected and provides advice, review and verification for all aspects of civil projects.


Construction-Support-2We provide construction support on projects including:

  • Remediation and foundation repairs for residential and commercial buildings
  • Earthworks for land development, particularly where difficult conditions occur.
  • Advise on the economical re‐use of marginal quality materials
  • Foundation installation including all forms of piling – this extends to specification, oversight, review and verification of pile testing
  • Excavations and slope retention
  • Road and bridge earthworks and foundations
  • Anchor installation/testing
  • Acid sulfate soil compliance monitoring and implementation of management plans
  • Contamination remediation and compliance testing
  • Dewatering effluent treatment and compliance testing


Construction-Support-3Our input can prevent small problems developing into big ones and our regular presence on site ensures that the project can be constructed correctly and signed off with a minimum of fuss and cost.

We have construction experience and provide support to projects across WA, interstate and internationally, from small residential subdivisions through to multi‐billion dollar mining and oil and gas developments.

We can develop methods of dealing with materials or conditions that were not expected at the time of writing the Specification. Where appropriate, we can work with test methods and equipment available on site. We help contractors understand the requirements of the specification and what they need to do to get the job done.


Construction-Support-4Aren’t they all! At Galt, we are prepared to jump in the car or on the plane to get to site and sort it out, if we can’t talk it through on the phone or by email. We know that your project is important to you, and it’s important to us. We can get to site and help you with your geotechnical/environmental problems without the red tape you may experience from other consultants.




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Galt can help. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.