Client Team Integration

Galt is serious about integrating into your project team.  We work with architects, civil and structural engineers, earthworkers, construction staff, project managers and more. 

We Come To You

Galt offers a free follow-up meeting after submission of a report. We’ll come to your Perth office to discuss the outcomes of our study and recommendations. We’re all about making sure that what we have told you is clear and comprehensible and what you wanted. If you have design changes, we’ll discuss the implications and recommend any changes.

Getting Everyone On the Same Team

Galt is pleased to work with you during construction to reduce the likelihood of problems or failures. When the big yellow machines are standing idle, this costs you money. We’ll be there in a flash to assess construction difficulties and provide advice. Our reports also contain construction-related considerations (including factors that may change with time, such as rising groundwater table) which will help you avoid trouble in the first place.

Galt is a team player.