Environmental Integration

Galt Geotechnics’ sister company, Galt Environmental, operates on the same philosophies in the specialities of acid sulphate soils, dewatering and contaminated land studies (i.e. those which are essential to many civil projects and must be run in tandem with geotechnical investigations). We offer combined work, from proposal through to site investigation and reporting, so that at each stage, you are dealing with one contact to cover all the aspects of your ground engineering.

You don’t need to ‘mix and match’ reports to get recommendations to align. We don’t think about the environmental aspects of a project in isolation from the geotechnical. We sit in the same office and we have a very tight integration between these teams. Where appropriate, you’ll get one report that combines all recommendations. Simple, really! Why doesn’t everyone do it that way?

This is in stark contrast to ‘geotechnical only’ consultants and the numerous large consultants who ostensibly operate ‘one stop shops’. The supposed ‘one stop shop’ is actually a series of separate departments, often in different buildings, where the groups do not interact well and are rarely interested in taking on one anothers’ projects. At Galt, we have engaged and enthusiastic staff across both geotechnical and environmental disciplines so that you can be sure we take every aspect of your project seriously.