Why Galt?

You have asked for three quotes. You have a spread of prices and a pile of semi‐comprehensible gibberish about cone penetration tests, boreholes, Atterberg limits and compaction testing. All of the quotes assure you that the company in question is capable of doing the work. You know you need a geotechnical report done – the Development Application says so. So you pick the cheapest. Why not – it’s all the same, isn’t it?


Experience. We have it. More than 80 years of relevant, West Australian experience from the smallest backyard shed to the largest oil and gas and mining projects. We’ve done it all and seen it all. We know the traps and the pitfalls.

We are very careful in selecting staff to work at Galt. Other companies maintain a large staff of cheap graduates to turn over work with a couple of “experienced” engineers running the show from back in the office.

Rather than this “pyramid” structure, Galt maintains a “flat” structure with strong managerial oversight and review of the more junior staff. We have experienced senior level engineers with excellent skills in project management, geotechnical analysis, interpretation and reporting. We have a policy of limiting total staff numbers so that we can maintain quality and experience and pass these benefits on to the client.

Does this make us more expensive? Sometimes, yes. Is it a big difference? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely, because our experience will save you money overall.

Examples of where this experience saves you money:

CUT THE CONSERVATISM: We know what makes things stand up and what makes them fall over. We have seen the failures (of others!) and have learned from them. Our recommendations are designed to minimise conservatism and waste.


By minimising topsoil strip from 200 mm to 100 mm on a 10hectare site, we can save on 10,000 cubic metres of disposal and replacement.

At a cost of $40 per cubic metre to dispose of the topsoil off site and replace it with imported material,

Result – this equates to $400,000 of saving.

It may seem like a trivial recommendation, but we understand the huge cost impact of one line in our report.


“Consultant A” recommends maximum allowable bearing pressures of 250 kPa for a 10storey building. This results in a requirement for a concrete raft due to the large footings required.

“Consultant A” has been recommending 250 kPa for years, because that is how they have always done it. “Consultant A” doesn’t really know the implications of higher footing pressures, so they stay in their comfort zone. Galt reviews the data and recommends allowable bearing pressures of 350 kPa for static loading and 500 kPa for transient loading.

Result – saving of 50% of the concrete and steel cost for the raft footings, equating to a saving of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simple? To us, yes.

Accredited Professionals

cpeng_logo2CPEng – does your engineer have it? Chartership is a process whereby engineers are accredited by Engineers Australia (the peak body for engineering professionals in Australia) as having achieved the requisite level of experience and demonstrated abilities in sixteen core competencies to practice. To maintain chartership, an engineer must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). Chartership is not a legal requirement in Western Australia (although it is in some other jurisdictions). Nonetheless, it is a yardstick by which you can measure your engineer.

In Western Australia, a firstyear graduate can technically hang out their shingle and practice as an engineer. Would you want to rely on this? Neither would we.

Nothing goes out of Galt that is not first checked over by a chartered engineer. All of our engineers are either chartered or on the track to achieve chartered status. We insist on it for our professional staff.

I Have To Go Ask My Manager

Heard that one before? Got a cagey response from some graduate or site tech who doesn’t really know what they are talking about?

We have. We don’t like it. At Galt, you can speak to the engineer who signed the report.

Environmental Integration


Galt Geotechnics’ sister company, Galt Environmental, operates on the same philosophies in the specialties of acid sulphate soils, dewatering and contaminated land studies (i.e. those which are essential to many civil projects and must be run in tandem with geotechnical investigations). We offer combined work, from proposal through to site investigation and reporting, so that at each stage, you are dealing with one contact to cover all the aspects of your ground engineering.

You don’t need to ‘mix and match’ reports to get recommendations to align. We don’t think about the environmental aspects of a project in isolation from the geotechnical. We sit in the same office and we have a very tight integration between these teams. Where appropriate, you’ll get one report that combines all recommendations.

Simple, really! Why doesn’t everyone do it that way?

This is in stark contrast to ‘geotechnical only’ consultants and the numerous large consultants who ostensibly operate ‘one stop shops’. The supposed ‘one stop shop’ is actually a series of departments, sometimes in different buildings, where the groups do not interact and are rarely interested in taking on one anothers’ projects. At Galt, we have engaged and enthusiastic staff across both geotechnical and environmental disciplines so that you can be sure wetake every aspect of your project seriously.

Follow Up

Galt offers a free follow‐up meeting on any report. We’ll come to your Perth office to discuss the outcomes of our study and recommendations. We’re all about making sure that what we have told you is clear and comprehensible and what you wanted. If you have design changes, we’ll discuss the implications and recommend any changes.

It’s all part of the service.

Construction Support

We will work with you during construction to reduce the likelihood of problems or failures. When the big yellow machines are standing idle, this costs you money. We’ll be there promptly to assess construction difficulties and provide advice. Our reports also contain construction related considerations (including factors that may change with time, such as rising groundwater table) which will help you avoid trouble in the first place.

Planning The Next One?

Making your next move? Give us a call. Again, the meter won’t be running. We can provide you with recommendations or advice on due diligence, how to solve a problem or come to a meeting while you talk to your client. Why do we do this? Because we like to maintain a happy, loyal client base. Happy clients are repeat clients, and we want those.

Go For Galt!

There are many differentiating factors between ground engineering firms. We strive to be at the head of the pack. We’re not the biggest and we’re not the cheapest, but we reckon we are amongst the best! Remember – saving a dollar on your consultant today could cost you big dollars tomorrow.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you.