Site Investigation

Intrusive Geotechnical and Environmental Investigation for Assessment of Ground Conditions

Digging Up Dirt

Site-Investigation-1Site investigation — more commonly known as the part where the consultant comes in and makes holes everywhere.

There are numerous techniques available for geotechnical and environmental investigation of sites, both intrusive and non‐intrusive.

To name a few:

  • Test pits (excavation of the soil with a backhoe or excavator to inspect and sample)
  • Boreholes (by hand or machine), for inspection of soil characteristics
  • Geophysics (indirect assessment of soil or rock by non‐intrusive assessment)
  • Cone penetration testing (penetration of an instrumented cone into the ground for assessment of soil)

There is no “one size fits all” site investigation technique and many sites require a combination of techniques for geotechnical assessment.

Furthermore, Galt Geotechnics works with our sister company, Galt Environmental, to provide tailored ‘complete package’ integrated site investigation to assess both geotechnical and environmental issues simultaneously, to save you time, effort and cost overall.

Why Is It Important?

Site-Investigation-2Developers, architects and engineers are continually pushing the boundaries of what can be done with buildings, earth structures and infrastructure.

Bigger, higher, heavier and deeper – to gain an understanding of what will happen when your development meets the ground, you need to know what’s in the ground.

Most developments today will require a geotechnical investigation either as a development requirement or to feed into the design of civil works and structures. Compliance with environmental requirements on sites affected by contamination, acid sulfates and dewatering issues is not only desirable, it’s mandatory.

To negotiate this minefield, you need the help of a specialist ground engineering consultant, who can undertake such an investigation, tailored to your site, and provide you and others in the design team with the advice you need.

Why Galt?

Site-Investigation-3Anyone can dig the dirt, right? In our experience, they sure can. However, in our experience, not all geotechnical engineering and environmental consultants can provide the service you need.

Our experience to date shows that we’re not always the cheapest. However, we do believe we provide value for money.

We will tailor our investigations to be fit for purpose, not to provide the cheapest price (although often they can be both). We are very conscious of operating in a cost‐sensitive environment and we will take into account your budget needs. But, we also like to do the job right first time. A cheap price can often lead to cheap advice and “cookie cutter” investigations backed up by poor technical knowledge and excessively conservative and costly recommendations.

Worse, non-compliant investigations in the environmental realm can leave you exposed to costly fines and project delays. Galt has that angle covered, too.

Safety First

Site-Investigation-4We have decades of combined experience in carrying out geotechnical and environmental site investigations and doing so safely and efficiently. We understand the requirements of operating in the modern environment with legislated health and safety requirements.

We have experience working on job sites from the smallest house site to the largest multi‐million dollar mining and gas sites and we have the health and safety systems to suit.

Our subcontractors are also carefully selected to ensure that they can comply with health and safety requirements and work in a safe manner.

Integrated Investigation

Site-Investigation-5Galt Geotechnics is pleased to be able to offer integrated investigation packages. Under state legislation, many sites require investigation for acid sulfate soils (ASS) and hydrogeological conditions as well as geotechnical conditions.

We have standing agreements with other quality consultants to be able to provide these services in concert with the geotechnical investigation. We can tailor an investigation package to your needs and avoid the need to mobilise several consultants to the same site. We will also integrate sampling and testing for environmental or hydrogeological purposes into the geotechnical investigation to make sure that you don’t pay twice or three times for site investigation.

If we can help with an integrated investigation, give us a call and we can discuss it.

Advanced Techniques

Site-Investigation-6Where applicable, we have extensive experience in the application of advanced geotechnical techniques that many other consultants don’t understand and can’t offer. Both in site investigation (such as the use of soil and rock pressuremeters) and in the laboratory (where we can specify advanced or specialised test techniques including many forms of triaxial testing), we can achieve good results by applying the most rigorous techniques where the others rely on conservative correlations and outdated rules of thumb. We can thereby achieve the best outcome for you.

Galt Geotechnics

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If you need help with a site investigation, or if you’re not sure what you need, give us a call and we can help.