Peer Review & Client Respresentation

Outsourcing of Expert Geotechnical Services


We at Galt do not only undertake geotechnical and environmental investigation, analysis, design, specification and construction support for your project. We can also provide peer review (third party review) of all aspects of civil geotechnical/environmental projects.

We do not believe in an adversarial “us and them” approach to peer review – we are on the lookout for what is best for the client – you. This usually means whatever can save you time and money. If we can offer something useful, we will. If your main consultant has hit the nail on the head, we’ll be the first to tell you that no additional work is required.

We can also act as your expert eyes and ears throughout a geotechnical/environmental project to be your outsourced experts. This would usually comprise ongoing review of work provided by a local or overseas geotechnical/environmental consultant. We add value wherever possible by identifying waste or smarter ways of achieving the end result, so that the provision of our services can be cost-neutral or cost-positive.
We have many decades of combined experience in geotechnical engineering and environmental science and enough grey hair to make you comfortable that we know what we’re talking about!


Peer-Review-1Galt can offer peer review (or client’s representative) services on all of the aspects of geotechnical engineering and environmental science we would also undertake on a day to day basis.

We feel that we can offer particular value on large projects with a significant cost attached to the geotechnical and environmental aspects (ground improvement, acid sulfate soil remediation, dewatering effluent treatment and disposal, earth structures including dams, complex foundations, piling and geotechnical monitoring). Our experience both in design and the gritty real world of the construction site mean that we know what needs to be done and when.

This is a service that we have provided to clients both small and large, right up to multi-national energy companies with multi-billion dollar projects with a geotechnical engineering budget running into the tens of millions of dollars. However, regardless of project size, there is consistency in the geotechnical and environmental aspects of each project which can benefit from careful consideration and review.


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Peer Review & Client Respresentation

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