Materials Search

Sourcing, Analysis, Specification and Testing of Construction Materials


Materials-search-1You’ve got your design, you’ve got your site, but you don’t have any of the right fill! This is the bane of the civil engineering project, particularly large, remote projects away from established quarries, like highways, rail embankments or haul roads.

What to do? Galt can help. Before setting foot on the ground, we will liaise with you and the project team to determine the material characteristics required. We will look at methods of using available fill and innovative solutions to avoid the importation of expensive materials.

Where material must be sourced, we use a combination of techniques to identify promising locations for investigation. We will go through a suite of investigation, laboratory testing and field trials to find the material that will be the right one for the task, be it a base course, structural fill, clay liner or something else entirely.

On road projects, we work with former Main Roads WA staff (often with special local knowledge) to hunt down roadbuilding materials that are suitable for construction.


Materials-search-2Materials search services offered by Galt include:

  • Desktop review of geology and existing data including liaison with local contractors
  • Review of materials specifications and identification of options for materials
  • Intrusive investigation, laboratory testing and specification of construction materials
  • Specification and supervision of field trials




Capability Statement 11 -Materials search

Galt can help. Give us a call today to discuss your construction materials requirements and we’ll help you find the right sand, clay, gravel or rock for the task.