Foundation Design

Design of Shallow and Deep Footings for Structures


Foundation-Design-1Sooner or later, all civil engineering projects contact the ground. This is where we come in. Often foundation design is taken for granted or overlooked until problems occur.

At Galt, we take a “bottom up” view of things. We will make sure that we determine what is under the ground first, before you try to found your expensive project on top.

We can then collaborate with the project team (principally the structural engineers) to identify an appropriate foundation solution which will meet the structural requirements and budget constraints. We are innovative when it comes to options for dealing with difficult ground conditions such as fill or expansive clay.

We use the latest software packages for analysis of complex footing interactions as well as tried‐and‐true manual calculation techniques.
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Foundation-Design-2Foundation design services offered by Galt include:

  • Subsurface investigation including in situ testing and laboratory testing prior to de‐ sign
  • Geotechnical design of shallow footings (including ground improvement options)
  • Assessment of shrink‐swell performance and AS 2870 classifications
  • Raft footing design
  • Piled raft design
  • Pile design
  • Footing interaction analyses (e.g. between old and new sections of a building)
  • Footing specifications

Foundation Design

Capability Statement 10 -Foundation Design

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