Earth Structure Design & Verification

Design, Specification, Construction Support and Verification of Earth Structures

Playing In The Dirt

Earth-Structure-Design-and-Verification-1Earth structures are among the most significant engineered structures on earth. This is not only because of their size, but also cost, time to construct, performance expectations and the scale of the projects they are needed for.

Earth structures include embankment dams for water supply, tailings dams, reinforced earth embankments, dikes and levees. Each earth structure has its own challenges because of its geotechnical and geological setting, construction materials available and the intended project.

Seldom are two earth structures the same, even on the same site. For that reason, careful engineering and construction control is essential to ensuring adequate performance of your earth structure whilst maintaining quality and avoiding the potential for contractor claims.
The geotechnical engineer needs to be involved from before construction through to completion and beyond to provide the advice you need.

What Are The Steps Involved?

Design of earth structures start with a concept but before it can be progressed, there are fundamental matters that need to be investigated in the field. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Foundation investigation and materials search (this can be a very significant undertaking)
  • Earth structure design taking into account the constraints of the project (scarcity of materials, environmental considerations)
  • Specification, drawings and design reports
  • Review of proposals from contractors
  • Construction support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Verification reporting

What Can We Do For You?

Earth-Structure-Design-and-Verification-2We have the in‐house expertise to understand what is required for your earth structure, including statutory requirements. We can take your project through from concept to completion.

From geotechnical investigation and material search through to design, specification, documentation and tender, we can provide a full package that will get the project through to contract award.

We consider that construction support and quality assurance of the compaction control and other engineering testing is an essential part of the proper design of an earth structure. We have the on‐site support you need to review your contractor’s activities, ensure that the specification is being followed and to undertake quality assurance testing for verification reporting.

At the end of the project, we can write up a close‐out verification report for inclusion in the project documentation. In this way, we can make sure that your earth structure is built the right way.

On Time And On Budget

We will always strive to provide you with an understanding of what is required for the engineering, testing and quality assurance for your earth structure up front. We will be there when the tender is developed and specifications are written to provide the geotechnical input that is needed to ensure quality.

We will always make ourselves available to be support the construction and testing for your earth structure so that we can make sure that everything is going to plan.

Earth Structure Design & Verification

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